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    The Complex

    The Seed is a residential complex of 490 units distributed across 12 five-story condos, which will offer its residents a healthy lifestyle with spaces for relaxation, comfort, and well-being.

    Luminous areas, terraces, solariums, gardens and marvelous common areas compose this wellness oasis filled with vegetation and beauty.

    The grounds will serve as a magical place to share quality time. Fruit trees and organic orchards provide an oasis of health, vegetation and beauty.

    Design and open spaces

    Bathed by beautiful natural lightThe Seed design bows to its natural settings with elegant minimalism allowing each one of its spaces to come together with nature for an immersive well-being experience.

    Unique, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments with a contemporary functional design, expressly conceived to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle to the fullest with a modern ambience, seamlessly integrated with its sustainable gardens.

    Modern ambiance to enjoy the tropical lifestyle.

    Flexible spaces

    Thoughtfully designed, the apartments were conceived for the residents to make the most out of them.

    Adaptable spaces will allow the rooms to be organized in the best possible way to fit the resident’s needs. For work, leisure, or pleasure. This can be a place fit for intimacy, privacy or for projects to bloom.

    To maximize financial benefits, we integrated the “Rental Unit Concept”.

    Open air living

    Unwind, relax, recharge and be ready to be pampered.

    Penthouse balconies are ideal for an open-air dinner, to enjoy sunrise, sunsets, and a good time with friends.

    First floor apartment residents will have access to their very own private garden, and the chance to incorporate a pool.

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